Friday, 12 October 2012

ill be waiting for u

i am waiting for u
here by my side
no one else i want
no wonder were you are

but then i dream of u
u are kissing me again
what i feel
im loving u so much

everything we had
its the love we shared
the day i fall for u
it changed my life a lot

yes im love with u
its hard to be alone
please come home
im missing u

ill be waiting for u
i dont care how long i do
promise ill wait for u
its so hard but i love u

you let me know
those thing i never had
its a bless of having u
no one else can replace of u

every drop of tears
means of sad and happines
theres a time of tears
theres a time of joy
when i cry for u
its because of loving u

please come back
i missing u

# i will be waiting for u until the end 

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